Sad irony: the men LOVE smart women… but from far away

If some years have passed since your last relationship or you never had a boyfriend, according to science, the more time that passes without a partner means that you have a high level intellectual.

And not referring precisely to the fact that your intelligence makes you reject men, on the contrary, rather you give them dread. According to the study conducted by the University of New York, to the men like smart women… as long as you are not more intelligent than them.

While does not know you, you’re ideal for him

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Results tell that men find attractive to women with high intellectual level when they talk with them by means of social networks or while not know them in person, but if one day you come to have an appointment and find that they are more able than them, we forget to see him again!, because to them, the charm is lost.

There is a big difference between what people consider to be attractive ideologically (for example, by someone unknown) and the same person interacting in a social context.

Your personality scares them

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The research was conducted with 650 young adults and the conclusion was that in each case of how much someone can like affected by how smart you are in comparison with the other person. If they feel threatened by the personality or intelligence, they recede.

Perhaps your singleness also can be attributed to that smart women are more demanding, while men seek a woman who prioritizes your relationship and the family project on any other aspect of life, and, of course, there are women who are “not so smart” that they are willing to take on this premise.

If you’re really very clever, this is not a problem

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Be a smart woman has many disadvantages, among them that are themselves taken seriously by men, perhaps too seriously, to the extent that they perceive them as strong rivals and not as potential mates.

If you’re actually looking for a couple, then focus on the men who have the same level of intelligence that you, and not get discouraged. Remember that it is better to be single for more time to be on the side of a person that you abhor and don’t value you for who you are.