Ask for ‘fashion advice’ to a wrong number; the confusion will change the life of a child

What do you do if you receive a message from a wrong number? Maybe I ignore it and continue with your life. But Tony is a father of the family who took the time to respond to the message of a girl named Syd, who asked for advice on a dress (and that until that time was an unknown). For answer he placed his children and sent a series of messages charming, because he thought that the response of the children you would like more and be better than that of a bald man and a fat middle-aged. What I did not know is how this act of kindness would impact on your family.

Tony has six children and in the photo one is missing, Kaizler. The reason for that is not there is because he was with his mother Rachel in the clinic of chemotherapy, where he is being treated for leukemia. The messages that Tony and his sons were sent to Syd became viral, and in that time he took the opportunity to request support for Kaizler through GoFoundMe, managing to raise sufficient funds to continue with their treatment.

Syd needed help with a dress that I was testing

chica usando vestido largo y oscuro

Then he sent a message… but to the wrong number

chica usando un vestido con pedrería en la espalda

The message came to Tony, the father of 6 sons, who kindly responded

mensaje de Whatsapp

Even got her 5 children present give their opinion

niños levantando los pulgares

The messages went viral, and had a unexpected consequence

mensajes en Twitter

It turns out that Kaizler, the child that is missing in the photo, I was in chemotherapy

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And asked for help to raise funds for the treatment of your child

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