It’s all for the figure! These 15 EXQUISITE dining options, you will love the diet

Doctors recommend to combine exercise with a diet that contains fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, and beef, for the body to have a balanced diet and be more healthy. That is why it is normal that every day the girls share in their accounts of Instagram pictures of delicious food. Thanks to them, in OkChicas find a diet that is very balanced, we are sure that you will love.

Our dishes have many benefits, which will not only help you to that your sight is delight. Thanks to them, your day will improve and it is possible that you want to take them in the dining room, the bed, the couch, and maybe even on the floor at any time. These are 15 healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

1. The breakfast should start with a bit of fruit

Tazón de fruta con plátano fresa y uvas verdes

2. And with the piercing gaze of Adam Levine

Adame Levine posando para una fotografía

3. During lunch we recommend a little bit of avocado

Plato con aguacate col y cebolla

4. And a little Nick Jonas to accompany

Nick Jonas tomándose una selfie

5. For mid-morning is good a dessert

Postre con lavanda pan y queso

6. What do you think if enjoying to a hottie like Zac Efron?

Zac efron conduciendo un carro en el desierto

7. For the food it is ideal to salmon

Salmón preparado al horno con limones y especias

8. Or better yet, the sexiness of Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemswort

9. You can also add a rich salad

Ensalada de camarones

Gif Michael B. Jordan

11. If fish is not your thing, then ask for a veggie burger

Hamburguesa vegetariana acompañada de ensalada

12. But definitely this tender Harry Styles you’ll love

Harry Styles cantando

13. We arrived at the time of the dinner: a little meat is fantastic

Plato de carne acompañado con ensalada

14. But make sure that it is equally hot Chris Evans

GIF. Chris Evans encendido

15. And for the end a delicious dessert: Cole Sprouse in his point. Enjoy!

Cole sprouse posando para una foto