This year Demi Lovato turns 6 years of sobriety and as well celebrates it on Twitter

All we know Demi Lovato, not only for his songs inspiring and full of rhythm, but also by the great struggles which it has maintained for years. The singer has always been honest with her fans about the problems he has suffered since a very young age, as his eating disorder who emerged after the break with her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, addiction to drugs and alcohol that started when he was just 17 years old, and his sexuality.

Although it has not been easy, Demi has known how to fight each battle. The singer has been in and out of rehabilitation clinics that have helped her to stay sober and rope, and today is proud of celebrating one more day in that state. It is as well as Lovato celebrated six years of sobriety.

With Simply Complicated, Demi Lovato revealed her battle with addiction

Demi Lovato en la presentación de su documental para Youtube

In the documentary, the star of 25 years and offered a profound vision of his professional career, but also made a revelation about his sexuality, his addictions and bulimia, with which she was fighting for years.

The singer says that his first encounter with the drink came in high school when he was barely 17 years old, but intensified during his days on the Disney Channel.

In 2010 had moved away from the addictions, but had a relapse

Demi Lovato dando declaraciones durante su documental simply complicated

The singer had entered rehab and was cleared in 2010, but suffered a relapse two years later, even he admitted that he had been using cocaine at the same time promoting public sobriety.

Sometimes it’s a struggle and, at times, I am still dealing with problems that I have suffered in the past. It is a challenge to maintain the recovery.

So you shared on Twitter the excitement of having 6 years of sobriety

Comentario en twitter de Demi Lovato sobre su sobriedad

Demi is no longer submerged in the drugs from six years ago, but to her, the struggle continues, every minute, hour and day.

His attitude made the fans feel proud of it

Comentarios en Twitter sobre la sobriedad de Demi Lovato

Comentarios en Twitter sobre la sobriedad de Demi Lovato

Comentarios en Twitter sobre la sobriedad de Demi Lovato

Many said they were incredibly inspired by your attitude and strength.

Demi is doing quite well

Demi Lovato sentada en un sofá dando una entrevista

Hopefully this year they celebrate is multiply by many more.