15 Reasons why Dylan O’brien is the wolf-man more tender and sexy TV

If you still don’t know who is Dylan O’brien, get ready, this guy could be the next consented to Hollywood. While many already know him thanks to his role of Stiles in Teen Wolf, it wasn’t until he starred in The Maze Runner that excelled its popularity.

Dylan began his career by posting videos on the Internet, which refuses to clear despite the fact that she’s embarrassed. Has more than two million Twitter followers, many more than Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston. For his first hearing acting sent two video links as your curriculum. I used to play drums in a band called Slow Kids at Play, and now it has stolen our attention with his charisma and gallantry.

1. Has the smile more charming

chico sonriendo

2. He moves his hips like a pro… in dance

chico bailando

3. It has been the best youtuber

[embedded content]

4. He loves to make jokes, and that guarantees a session of laughter

chico haciendo bromas

5. Loves dogs; and we to him

Hombre jugando con cachorros

6. It has become the nerd more attractive

chico con anteojos negros

7. Sleep on your side it would be a pleasure

Chico dormido en su recamara

8. Look into his eyes is like drowning in a cup of coffee

chico mirando fijamente

9. Always have time for their fans

chico junto a sus fans

10. Is the boy indicated to a quote from gala

chico con traje sastre recargado en un auto

11. We love to ride bike and feel the adrenaline rush

chico en motocicleta

12. Knows how to spoil a girl

pareja de novios en el mar

13. Your best outfit is… without a shirt on

Chico sin camisa en el mar

14. This willing to take a session of photos

Chico tomando fotos

15. While it seduces with its moles that are the most beautiful constellation

chico con lunares