Something that I would have liked to know my 20: a boyfriend will not ensure my happiness

Do you feel bad because you’ve spent too much time single and you’re tired of that people will ask why? In addition, when you are walking down the street, have you ever had the unpleasant sensation of jealousy when you see happy couples while go hand-in-hand, sharing an ice cream or smiling?

At that time you think that you need someone to be able to be happy and if you don’t find you think that you will end up being a cold and bitter spinster with a grudge against the world because you didn’t have the luck to meet who will love you just as you are.

Advantages of being single

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But have you ever thought of the advantages of being with yourself? If you actually think about it, it is not so bad after all, because you have time to do what you always leave for later, as to sign up for a cooking class or visit to your friends that you have time no see.

In addition, it is the best time to get to know you, understand what it is that you want and need in a partner and don’t let that make you feel bad again for not having been exactly what your crush was looking for. You learn to nurture and love you more than ever, because you realize how fabulous you are and what you’re capable of achieving.

Only you know what you want

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It is the time that you put into perspective the past, the present and the future, to understand what is the path you are taking and what you are looking for you. Once you understand your needs, you can put in place a plan to achieve your goals.

When you are a busy woman, who can spend time with their friends, meet their goals, to give a break to meditate and pamper yourself, then you’re going to realize that happiness is within yourself, without the need of someone else to be responsible for giving you that which you already have.

The love will come, if you want to

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Without realizing, in that instant you will become a magnet for men, because that is what attracts the guys, a woman strong and self-sufficient and knows how to have fun and see the best things in life, even through the problems. And at that point, you are going to have to make a decision, accept an appointment with a guy or love your independence.

Life is short, enjoy

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Remember that no one is responsible for your well-being more than yourself. Stop worrying about tomorrow and embrace today, strengthen your spirit, and enjoy the most of life. Realize that the time you waste crying about not having a boyfriend, it is a valuable time that you could invest in to grow.