‘The Crown’ already has new protagonists and prince Philip will be our doctor favorite

The Crown has become one of the original productions, Netflix most closely followed by millions of fans from all over the world, in addition to being one of the most expensive. This successful series was created and written by Peter Morgan and is the life of the current monarch in britain, queen Elizabeth II. Its huge success is due to its similarity with reality.

The first two seasons featured the participation of Claire Foy as queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and to Matt Smith as the prince Philip of Edinburgh, who had a positive review and captivated the audience from the first chapter.

New protagonists

the crown

Due to the fact that in the third season, there will be a time jump is necessary for a change of interpreters, therefore, it has been confirmed the participation of Olivia Colman to take over the role of the queen, as well as the possible participation of Helena Bonham Carter as the princess Margaret of the United Kingdom, younger sister of Isabel, and who would replace the actress Vanessa Kirby.

For the role of prince Philip had been mentioned several names, among them Paul Bettany; however, The Daily Mail recently reported that it would be the actor Hugh Laurie who could take over in the next season.

Their chemistry on the screen was the reason

hugh laurie y olivia colman

Laurie is famous for having played for several years at one of the doctors most respected of television, Dr. House and, in fact, had previously collaborated at the side of Colman in the series , The infiltrate (The Night Manager), a thriller of espionage based on the work of John LeCarré.

Without doubt, Netflix is taking the house through the window and bet on the success of the next part of the series, inviting you to participate actors of international stature, which surely we are not going to disappoint. What do you think? Do you like the new cast?