The tennis Stam Smiths Adidas added a new design: it is a pair of cotton candy!

The line of shoes inspired by tennis legend Stan Smith has become quite popular in the last few months. Celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Ryan Reynolds have purchased and caused to be depleted immediately in all stores. But it is not just for that reason: the shoes Stan Smith is so perfect and comfortable that you don’t have to think twice before choosing them; moreover, they are a masterpiece with a minimalist design that goes well with any casual outfit. But Adidas hopes to take their tennis to a higher level.

In addition to the model with the classic colors, the brand added a design bathed in gold and the arrival of spring is near, just to present the model colorway, which comes in a color scheme of pink, black and nude. These models were recently crowned as the shoe of the year.

The model Stan Smiths Adidas has become the favorite of the fashionistas

Chica usando una falda verde con unos tenis adedidas stan smith

In addition to being comfortable and practical…

Chica usando una falda, tenis y saco

They go perfect with any outfit, no matter if it is formal or casual

Chica sentada mientras está usando pantalones, saco y tenis

Recently, Adidas launched its tennis, gold-plated

Tenis adidas stan smith de oro

And with the arrival of the spring incorporated into the model colorway

Tenis adidas stan smith de color rosa con negro

The color mimics a delicious cotton candy

Tenis adidas stan smith de color rosa con negro

We are now waiting for the streets to be filled with outfits that complement to these cute shoes

Tenis adidas stan smith de color rosa con negro