10 Signs that this guy who ‘robs you of the sleep’ is only playing with you

To the bad luck of so many girls romantic in search of love, there are men full of lies, and that only seek their own benefit. To achieve their goals make you feel the most beautiful woman in the world before revealing their true intentions.

If you want to know if the guy you are dating now is serious with you, these are some of the signs that you should take into account before giving your heart completely. Take note and don’t let them play with your feelings.

1. She flirts with other

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And that’s what you should be very clear. Some may argue that what they did to get your attention or get jealous, but if you are actually interested will only have eyes for you and you will respect all of the time.

2. Does not open with you

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If a guy doubt to establish a relationship with you, then you will notice that it is very secretive and only comes to know about it, but he took his thoughts or feelings.

3. If it refuses to introduce you to his family

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When he avoids by all means have contact with someone in your family wants to say that they are not being honest with you. You may find it hard to take you to the home of his parents, or is waiting for the relationship to become more serious, but if it is able to invent any excuse then for sure you are playing with you.

4. You have been disrespected and then apologizes

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If there are only to quit when he knows he has a chance of getting to the bed, maybe you’re not with the right guy.

5. Avoid signs of affection in public

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If you’ve been dating him for some time, but whenever you are with friends ignores you or if they are in a public place to avoid any kind of displays of affection, this is a warning sign and you should not let pass unnoticed.

6. Usually manipulate you with beautiful words

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So if you noticed that the guy in question says things as if they were a dash of soap opera and doesn’t hesitate even a little, you can be sure that something is wrong.

7. Has been doubted about his feelings

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If he assures you that he likes you but when you’re not still flirting with other women, or if sometimes it is very romantic and sometimes very cold, is sending mixed signals and you’re not taking seriously the relationship.

8. Someone had warned

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Perhaps this is one of the signs more obvious, when you’ve already heard of his reputation of being a stud, but swears that he loves you truly, I would more than hesitate and you will start to investigate a little about their old romances. Maybe it’s all part of a lie that had already worked previously.

9. Takes a long time to answer your messages

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It is true that sometimes they are busy or do not bring battery, or maybe they forgot the cell at home, but when this attitude is very frequent then maybe you really do not want to answer and leave you in seen to the other person.

10. You have played jokes in bad taste

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No one that you really want to you are going to make jokes absurd nor will nicknames that make you feel bad. Many guys think this way will attract the attention of women, but they are wrong. Denigrating someone is not a good method of seduction.