15 Ways to quickly get back to your tennis shoes casual the center of attention in your look

They say that a woman falls in love seven times a year; six of them shoes. Women can conquer us the small details, but you and I both know the truth: give them a pair of shoes and can conquer the world.

The tennis without irresistible, they are much more affordable than diamonds and, of course, incredibly more comfortable than a pair of heels or flats; in addition, you can use them with different outfits. This and 15 more reasons are the ones that placed them as perfect shoes in our closet.

1. You can use them to go to the office

chica sentada en unos escalones

2. Also with a maxivestido for an afternoon coffee

chica usando maxi vestido oscuro

3. With short dresses for a street style

chica usando vestido con flores

4. They are ideal for a day of adventure

chica usando ropa deportiva

5. They look incredible with jeans worn

chica usando pantalones rotos

6. The casual dresses they feel good

chica en la playa

7. Your shoes wide make you look bohemian

tenis de colore gris para mujeres

8. The style of jogger is an ideal complement

chica usando pantalones abultados

9. Go with all the colors

chica con blusa roja de olanes

10. Give you a cool look

chica usando falda a flores

11. Give it a splash of color to your blank canvas

chica usando ropa blanca

12. Note the difference of each design

chica con ropa bicolor

13. You can find in your favorite color

chica usando tenis de color rosa

14. There is No garment with which do not make the game

chica con traje de uan pieza en negro con líneas blancas

15. Even with leather clothing

chica con ropa de cuero