Demi Lovato removes the makeup and the hair is wrong for an inspiring video of Vogue

As part of a campaign of the fashion magazine Vogue, in the framework of the commemorations of the International Women’s Day, Demi Lovato decided to be displayed as it is through a video that is suitable in front of the camera and unvarnished.

In an extensive interview, the singer spoke about the difficult moments she experienced when depended on drugs, alcohol and eating disorders. It’s been six years since his rehabilitation and Demi can tell his experience of how he was able to get ahead, as well as his opinion on the use of makeup: “I love makeup; I love combing my hair, I wear extensions. But there is a time and a place for everything, and natural beauty should be celebrated”.

Demi Lovato just film a clip for Vogue

chica usando blusa de mezclilla Demi Lovato

Although usually look glamorous with the help of their makeup artists

chica con ayuda estilistas profesionales

That leave amazing results in her

Demi Lovato con blusa azul de lentejuelas

This time Demi opted for a natural look

chica frete al espejo

Got rid of the makeup in front of the camera

Demi Lovato desmaquillandose

With the only intention to embrace your own beauty

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The Internet did not take long to show your support

Comentario de Twitter sobre Demi Lovato

And is that your natural beauty has surprised us all

Comentario de Twitter sobre Demi Lovato