Girl complaint to a photographer for ‘photoshopear’ and slim your figure in engagement session

When a couple decides to take photos of your wedding or commitment, expected the session to be beautiful like the result, but to Katie Liepold did not happen. The girl looked at Facebook a photographer who could capture the best moments of your wedding day, and after receiving several offers, Katie and her future husband chose to Tower Photography because it offered them a session prior to the wedding and the coverage of the event for $ 600, which also included… a humbling experience totally free.

Katie needed the wedding package, economic, which they accepted. Everything seemed to go well with the session, laughed with the photographer, joked, talked and shared stories to make the moment something more intimate. But when they received the images, they noticed that something was not right: the photographer made an edition of extreme images, and became a partner in two thin people who were not.

Katie Liepold and her future husband felt humiliated after your photo session

Novia que se sintió humillada después de su sesión de fotos de compromiso

The session was very comfortable, but Katie never imagined that I would receive a humiliation on the part of the photographer. That was why he decided to share his story in his account of Facebook to see that the beauty should be captured as it is.

The photographer turned out to be a rather exaggerated wedding photos

Comparación de la edición de fotos de boda de una chica

This is not exactly what I thought I was going to get. She edited the images too, made us thinner than we really are. When comparing a picture side by side you can notice that the change is really dramatic. Probably removed 13 kilos of each one of us.

For his part, the photographer published a note humiliating in his page of Facebook

publicación en facebook de una fotografa que hablo sobre una sesión de fotos

The words were harsh, and when their customers were upset decided to remove the note. This was what he said:

And people wonder why I slowed down my photography business. Last week I did an engagement session for a couple with morbid obesity. Only by the way in which they were “demanding” with respect to certain things during the session, I knew it was going to be a disaster. In the first place, their four dogs rebels had to be in the session next to the lake, which of course had ducks. His truck also had to be a part of the session, of course I was parked directly under the sun because there was not a bit of shade. Had a disaster written all over it.

I just offered to cancel the contract for the wedding, since I only liked the 25 per cent of the 110 images that I delivered; I asked them if they needed something more to be agreeable. How I solved the problem? Mmmm, no. I forgot to remove the grass and the stains of mud on his pants, and, of course, did not like the lighting in the photos of the truck even though I told them to too much sun.

Katie felt worse and was only able to mention that both are perfect as they are

Sesión de fotos donde la futura novia se sintió humillada

That was not what was requested, and I felt that that was really hurtful and that my images were not good enough to leave them in peace. We did not need to lose weight in our photos, we are perfect as we are. Not I paid $ 150 deposit for that made fun of us.

Social media users responded with outrage at the commentary of the photographer

comentarios en facebook sobre una sesión de fotos humillante

‘The photographer should not have photoshopeado the images without your permission’.

‘Photographer’s ignorant. He was paid to take the photos, not to edit. It is not a concern of yours that your customers have overweight or not’.

‘I’m tired that the people think that it is okay to judge others by their appearance, this photographer needs more control of reality’.