15 Reasons why we can’t stop thinking about Timothée Chalamet

The tape, Call Me By Your Name has become in the film more acclaimed due to its plot and aesthetics with portraying the LGBT community, but in this whirlwind of emotions, the figure that has most prominent is that of the actor Timothée Chalamet, who is listed as the revelation of the year.

Some girls already knew Timothée, and not just for his undeniable talent, but by his gallantry and incredible personality. But if you still do not know, it is time that you read a little about it. But be careful, because you may end up in love with.

1. Gave his autograph on a peach during the Golden Globes

chico escribiendo sobre un durazno

2. He learned to play the piano for his character in Call Me By Your Name

[embedded content]

3. It was the most excited to meet Meryl Streep

4. And Meryl also fell surrendered to his feet

Temothée y Meryl en la alfombra roja

5. Always has time for his fans

chicas tomándose selfies

6. Comes accompanied her mom to the red carpet

madre e hijo en las alfombras rojas

7. Has a mane of chestnut totally BEAUTIFUL

chico acomodando su cabello

8. You have to see it ‘rapping’ all sexy for a task

9. It is true to your taste of clothing

chico usando chaquetas de colores

10. Will donate his salary to fight against the sexual abuse and harassment

Detrás de cámaras de las próximas películas de Woody Allen

11. Is 22 years of age and has invested more than 15 in the performance

Películas de Timohtée Chalamet

12. His favorite actor is Gary Oldman, with whom he competed for an Oscar

chico con su actor favorito

13. Speaks English, French and Italian

14. It was the evil Kyle of Lady Bird

Escena de la película Lady Bird

15. And did we mention how handsome he is… because that is obvious

chico tocando su propio cabello