15 Things that we should be thankful to dad; he is the true prince of our life

Dad is the hero without a coat but with a big heart that has always protected their daughters, so it has been at least in most cases. For others, it is the man who showed them what love is unconditional and the respect that must be treated in a future relationship.

Dad, like mom, strives to fulfill each of its obligations, since to carry the food to the table, filling cabinet, clothes, play, laugh and embrace to heal the wounds of the soul, no matter the tiredness or problems. It may be time to evaluate your efforts, and, before it’s too late, we will say thank you for everything you have done with the sole intention of seeing us smile.

1. Thank you for teaching me that life goes around

chico con tatuajes cargando a su hija

Some times we will be up and others down. But always I can count on your support.

2. For teaching me how to express my feelings

hombre cantándole a su hija con una guitarra

Also to understand them.

3. For making me feel like I could fly

Hombre en pijama jugando con sus hijos

The balancing on the air, push my swing as high as you could so that I could feel that it touched the sky.

4. Thank you for making me keep calm

padre e hija jugando a las cosquillas

To resolve my conflicts without the need of screaming.

5. For teaching me to have confidence in me

padre e hija jugando boliche

Even when I did not.

6. For being my example of unconditional love

padre e hija en un concierto

That which is able to leave everything for a moment alone.

7. Thank you for your patience

padre e hija andando en bicilceta

Because I remember that day you taught me to ride a bike and you had patience, take care not to fall.

8. For giving me your time

padre e hija jugando al salón de belleza

To play, regardless that it was an afternoon tea or an appointment at the beauty salon.

9. For supporting my tastes

Padre e hija jugando con pintura

Because I always said that no matter what others think about my tastes, while I would be happy.

10. Thank you for being gentle with me

padre e hija tomándose una selfie

Even though my friends say that parecías a little cranky. The truth is that you were the sweetest man.

11. By being on all the time

padre e hija recostados bostezando

No matter how tired you were.

12. By your hugs

hombre cargando a su hija

Able to make me forget a bad day.

13. Thank you for teaching me how to be independent

padre e hija cocinando

Because this has helped me to grow as a person.

14. For listening to me

padre e hija en la playa

No matter how simple my conversations.

15. But most importantly… Thank you for being my father

padre e hija mirándose a los ojos

Because only you could take care of myself and love me as you always did.