9 Types of messages to which no kid can resist; YES, even with memes

The text messages have gone from being reminders, and gossip, to the best tactic of seduction at a distance. So, although men and women both tend to leave our inexperience at the time of texting with someone we like.

If you have the eyes on some guy, it is time to prepare your mobile phone and begin to send any of these nine messages that guarantee a conquest instantly and without errors.

1. With memes

pareja riendo

It is not a joke! Men love girls with a sense of humor. You would be surprised of the myriad of memes that they may share among friends.

2. Show interest in your day

chicos mirándose a los ojos

The messages of “how are you?” , “how about your day?” or “how’s it going?”, can sound pretty corny, but they also like to talk about your day and feel the interest of someone.

3. Uploaded tone

pareja riendo

First measures the confidence that there is between the two, because believe it or not there are guys who lose interest in women that they hint at without knowing them.

4. With initiative

pareja platicando

The girls with initiative are welcome at the heart of every man. You can start by giving the greeting of the morning.

5. With adventures unexpected

pareja de viaje

If you came to head a far-fetched idea, intriguing or fun not afraid to share it with him, this builds the main interaction in any conversation.

6. Without filters

pareja jugando

Men hate girls who think they are unique and different; don’t try to be someone you’re not. Sooner or later he will notice.

7. With personal questions

chicos platicando

The personal questions will serve for three things:

  1. He note your interest.
  2. Start a conversation at any time.
  3. To know more of him.

8. That you arrive on time

chico viendo su telefono

To us it bothers me when they don’t answer in time; well, to them, the same thing happens. Avoids to answer one or two hours; take a break of 10 to 15 minutes between a message and another is ideal.

9. With a sense of humor

pareja jugando

Messages with sarcasm, leading questions or answers fun are the perfect hook to fall in love with any guy.