15 People before and after obesity; here an inspiration for a life of change

Lose weight with just wanting it is not possible in real life. However, a change of eating habits, an exercise routine, the support of your loved ones and your belief will help you accomplish this.

For a sample of these 15 photographs of men and women who, despite adversity, were able to achieve your ideal weight, improving not only your health but your state of mind and even your spirit of strength, becoming inspiration for all those people who fight against being overweight, and eating disorders.

1. Take care of your health is the best decision that you can take

chica antes y después de bajar de peso

It 100 pounds less in two years!

2. No matter how much time afternoons to do this

chica tomándose una selfie

A year and a half to get rid of 45 kilos.

3. Because in the end, every effort has its reward

chica con ojos de color claro

15 months of long work, and 68 kilos deleted.

4. The secret is simple…

chicas usando camisas de color morado

Eat in small portions, exercise, and eliminate 33 kilos.

5. The obvious results

chica con cabello ondulado

Its progress is undeniable after losing 41 kilos.

6. Your self-esteem rises

chica con cabello largo y rubio

42 kilos less and a person is totally new.

7. Your lifestyle changes completely

chica antes y después de bajar de peso

Two years of healthy food and exercise made him lose 77 pounds.

8. But only you are responsible for your own well being

chica mostrando cambio de look

This girl decided to be renewed when the overweight began to wreak havoc on your health. As a result dropped 45 pounds in two years.

9. The self-love will help you to achieve your goal

chico musculoso y con tatuajes

This man was depressed, and cared for their three children alone. But he managed to regain control of his life and, after dropping 38 pounds in two years, he became a new person.

10. Let go of some pleasures

chica mostrando los tatuajes de su brazo

But you will find other… 45 pounds less in six years of effort.

11. In order to achieve your dreams

chica tomándose fotos frente al espejo

A great result to eliminate 22 lbs in only eight months.

12. You will meet the support of those around you

pareja de novios tomándose una foto

Together they managed to remove 77 pounds.

13. It does not matter if you delay one or 10 months

chica con sudadera deportiva azul

40 pounds less in only eight months.

14. Not if you went down to a few kilos

chica sosteniendo una pizarra

68.5 pounds less in two years.

Each time I went down a pound, I glued a print of the Pokémon in the album. This way I got all of the first generation.

15. Because now you are happy

pareja de novios abrazados de la cintura

They decided to change themselves and they succeeded. He fell 31 kg and she is 25.5.