10 Movies that are the perfect remedy to close cycles; learn to say goodbye

Letting a loved one overcome an affair and leave behind the moments that we caused pain is what is referred to as completing a cycle. Everyone tries to tell us that you dismiss those feelings that hurt us, but a cycle is not something that comes overnight, it requires a lot of effort and, of course, a hard work that most of the times can only be achieved with the help of a professional. However, music, like cinema, can help a lot.

Thanks to music we can learn how to do it, or well, to deal with the pain. When we see an actor interpret a story immediately we project our feelings and this way we know what to do, although, of course, the best always will be to talk with a psychologist that can help you to find the correct answers. These are 10 movies that will help you tell you goodbye to everything that hurts.

1. The good side of things

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Say goodbye to the person you love is difficult, but not impossible. This movie teaches you that, sometimes, the obsession of keeping a person on our side can blind us, but when we finally have clarity in our environment is when we can see what was always there and that, even, can give us the happiness we yearn for.

2. The advantages of being invisible

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Choose to end your own life is a difficult decision, but deciding to keep it is something that requires a lot of courage. With the movie The perks of being invisible , you will learn that there is always a reason to get out of bed and smile at life, even when this is complicated. The movie teaches that, while we accept the love we believe we deserve, what is important is to surround yourself with people who will inject positive things into your life. The change only depends on you and the decisions you take to improve.

3. Sad Valentine’s Day

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Sometimes relationships do not already have salvation, no matter how much you work on them. The history will show you that couple conflicts are much more complex than the modes of being, ways of facing life and responsibilities, but above all it will help you to know that exposing your wounds is the best way to cure them. In addition, you’ll be able to say good-bye to a relationship that keeps you tied up and that no longer makes you happy and full.

4. Never more

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Leaving an abusive relationship can be difficult, but this film may help you to overcome it. The story shows a typical situation of abuse and the decision of a woman to end up with him. While the protagonist flees, he also learns how to defend themselves and to have respect for herself to protect her life and that of her daughter.

5. Diary of a passion

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The film is very famous among the girls who like romance, but it has a deeper message. The story shows how relationships change as you age, in addition to speaking about the decision, and the fight for love. It also teaches you how to leave a relationship in which you’re commitment.

6. Eternal brilliance of a mind without memories

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When so many situations have contaminated a relationship and the couple only looking at the self-destruction, it is the ideal time to know that it’s better to forget everything and start a new life. This film shows that the hand of a breakup come the pain and the loneliness, but also teaches how to delete the bad memories to start a new life.

7. Bottoming

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The majority of addicts do not actually know when you have touched bottom, but what they discover when a situation puts his life hanging by a thread. With this film you will learn how to leave behind anything that caused a satisfaction in the worst way.

8. In search of the destination

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The choices of life are not always correct, but many people have to live with it every day; it all depends on how much you want to change. The film recounts the life of a man with a brilliant mind who chooses to work as a janitor due to problematic behaviors that have from childhood. In the several comings and goings with the law is found with a student of psychology to help overcome their traumas. With this tape you will learn that love and patience can help you to find the path that you must follow to improve your environment and your life, so say goodbye to the problems.

9. Little Miss Sunshine

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The problems will always be present in family life, sometimes arise because of the difference of thoughts, grudges and envy. With the film, you will learn to accept that each member has a different personality; in addition, it will help you to interact with them to improve the family environment and so leave behind all that keeps them away.

10. A possible dream

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The problems of children always going to lead to problematic behaviour in adult life, but everything can be fixed with a little bit of support and therapies. With this film, you will understand it perfectly.