It repeats the story! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber return to ‘take time’

It seems that the relationship of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber didn’t last long after having caused happiness for his return, and is that… what ended up again?

According To E! News, there are sources that commented on the relationship that, although it looked very promising, maybe you could have come to an end again. And it is that we must remember that thus began the rumor of the separation of The Weeknd and Selena, so we can’t ignore.

Selena and Justin surprised us with his return

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Since seven months ago, the singers decided to resume their relationship hogging all the headlines related to his reconciliation, and it is that the couple again returned to being the target of various media.

But it seems that their feelings changed

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Sources close to Justin and Selena, revealed to E!News that the couple might be going again for a break.

In the last few weeks have featured discussions about topics on which they have always had many differences, and in one of those fights came to the conclusion that it was best to break. That means that the feelings they have for one another changed from night to morning.

Their separation could be temporary…

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It is also said that the possible separation between both could be temporary or that they can expect their closest friends, and is apparently once again Jelena wants to be a time of rest and as well resolve their differences.

The two have made clear that they feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed, especially by the pressure of having to live their love story in the eyes of public opinion. Until now they had not been aware of the fact so negative that all that can generate.

His love remains steadfast

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His close friends claim that the couple loves, but the gap that there was between the two could have changed several things that now should be adapted.

Have been a few days apart, but by maintaining contact constantly through the phone. The two needed some time to be alone and avoid the saturation, but there is no doubt that everything is temporary and that soon will be together.