15 Ways to wear a look of ‘Vintage’ style without looking like grandma

With the onset of spring they begin to weddings, graduations, and other celebrations in which you need to look perfect. If you have an important event to the view, the ideal will be to wear a dress to match the weather and your glamour.

Dresses, skirts, and outfits with style vintage will be your favourites, because that cuts in To their skirts are suitable for any type of body and their details with flowers, pictures or dots give it a touch more feminine to your style.

1. This spring give your outfit a touch of vintage

Chica bebiendo café en la entrada de su casa

2. With a dress of flowers

chica con vestido rojo y puntos blancos

3. With points for an event sophisticated

chica de cabello rubio usando vestido azul

4. Perhaps something more formal to go to work

chica con bolso en mano

5. The dark tones will always be present

chica usando vestido con flores blancas

6. Dusting the skirts of your wardrobe

chica usando falda oscura con aves de estampado

7. Give it a 180° turn to your denim dress

chica usando sombrero bajo el sol

8. Take advantage of the volume of the peplum

chica con flores de color amarillo

9. A romantic moment in pastel colors

chica recargada en una pared de su habitación

10. Let your femininity and you embrace

chica paseando en bicicleta

11. Do not fear the light colors

chica usando vestido blanco

12. Get the dress of your dreams!

chica usnado un sombrero de color claro

13. Embroidery is the new basic

chica usando un vestido de flores bordadas

14. The crop tops can’t be left behind

chica usando falda de color gris claro

15. The mixture of textures will give a plus to your look

chica usando zapatos de color mostaza