Borrows for 10 thousand dollars to brag about-life millionaire and gain followers in Instagram

Lissette Calveiro is a girl of 26 years who dedicates his time to working in public relations and marketing, and also to share your story about how to pursue a dream life doesn’t always go well.

20 years old, Lissette decided to become an influencer on Instagram, spending more money than I earned so that your daily life seems like a luxury. However, creating a fake life left him with a debt that amounts to more than 10 thousand dollars.

She is Lissette Calveiro, the girl with the bank debt largest Instagram

chica usando pantalón acampanado

She is 26 years old and works in public relations and marketing

chica bebiendo una copa de vino blanco

A long time ago decided to become an influencer through Instagram

chica modelando una blusa blanca

It now has over 27 thousand followers

chica usando una falda bordada

Same to those who try to deceive with false luxuries

chica sosteniendo una bolsa de color verde

When you spend more money than earned

chica en medio del desierto

With the sole intention of his life appear more glamorous

chica lista para ir de viaje

While living with his parents, managed to hold their commitments

chic ausando un maxivestido en color verde

Upon moving to New York, the bank debts, the beat hard

chica frente a un camello en el desierto

I knew that I would not sustain this pace of life

chica girando para mostrar su falda a flores

But it continued to do so

chica usando vestido en color negro con flores

Until your debt amounted to 10 thousand dollars

chica con boina de color rojo

Then he decided to tell the truth

chica modelando una mochila en color negro

Get rid of the luxuries that are not required

chica en la playa

And find the peace of mind to live only with things that can pay

chica alzando sus brazos al aire