Meet the couple who inspired the love story in ‘Lava’; the short film from Pixar

Pixar always tries to reflect perfectly the feelings, traditions, and life situations; we have already seen with Coco, the animated movie that tells the story of a little boy from Mexico who travels to the world of the dead to have the blessing of his grandfather to be a singer. When you are creating any short, they spend years researching the way of life that inspires it, such as it happened with another small short film that is inspired by a love story.

Is the short film, Lava, a volcano, lonely looking for love until I found in another so-called Lele and together they form a single island until eternity, was created thanks to the director James Ford Murphy fell in love with the story when he went to Hawaii. This is the couple that inspired Lava and it has to do with the music.

A song that inspires short film

Cantante Israel Kamakawiwo’ole y su esposa Marlene Ah

When James Ford Murphy made a journey to the distant tropical islands of Hawaii, he was so in love with the place immediately thought that would be a good idea to create a short film, but I had a story that would give a little more inspiration, until he heard the popular song Somewhere over the Rainbow, performed by the ukelelista hawaiian, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

The love story of the singer Iz and his girlfriend inspired the short film I Lava You

Cantante Israel Kamakawiwo’ole y su esposa Marlene Ah

Murphy was so excited with the place and especially with the love story of Kamakawiwo’ole, better known as Is, who decided to make a tribute. The director of I Lava You’ was based on the story of the singer and Marlene Ah, who was his partner since they were very young, to create the protagonists of the short film, the volcanoes in love.

Unfortunately, Israel died when he was barely 38 years old due to a heart attack produced by their obesity.

I Lava You talk about finding the love

Escena del cortometraje de pixar I lava You

The story is starring Uke, a nice hawaiian volcano that is always seen around her in various animals happy with their partners, this makes you want to have someone to love with intensity. With that idea in mind, Uke sings a song to the ocean with the hope that some day I can cumplirle his dream. What I didn’t know is that under the ocean there was a volcano named Lele, who heard the song and immediately fell in love with him. His love made it rise to the surface and both formed a beautiful island where they were happy for all eternity.