20 Memes of girls feminists for every occasion; the black humor is the best weapon

Acid and black, so is the mood of women who are tired of being called feminazis, just to keep in force a struggle that strives for equality. However, the mood of the feminists is sincere and comes from the background of his thoughts.

If you are also tired of being classified as a feminazi by defending your rights, it may be time to face, in a way more humorous, to those who criticize you. These 17 memes are perfect for every occasion.

1. When others already don’t know how to defend their arguments

escena de Los Simpson

2. When things are obvious… and do not dare to accept it

Comparativo de chicas con capas

3. When you empoderas

Dibujo de chicas usando pantalones vaqueros

4. When you discover that they do not like to be told males

Escena de Bob Esponja

5. When you recognize for the first time the struggle of your sisters

Escena de película en blanco y negro

6. When you enorgulleces of your thoughts

dibujo de una oveja color gris

7. When your self-esteem no longer depends on other

fotografía de una pared

8. When a type a misogynist you want to flirt

chica haciendo caras

9. When you take control

Escena de Los Simpson

10. When you have not asked for any opinion

dibujo de chica tocándose los oídos

11. When you stumble with the same stone

dibujo de chica haciendo señas

12. When your faith in humanity begins to be restored

texto en color lila

13. When you respond to your well-known

Escena de Pocahontas

14. When you learn to differentiate between children, “onvres” and men


15. When you have learned to defend your ideology

chica sorprendida