The latest fashion crazy eyebrows is a uniceja the reverse: the idea is to bring a halo in the front

Not much time has passed between the eyebrows, became the target of choice for the lovers of beauty. But just when we thought that the trends of eyebrows had died with the tail of a fish, appears a blogger of beauty to show us that we were wrong, and that makes us ask: do we really need another trend in absurd beauty on Instagram?

Apparently, to them yes, because recently the blogger Hannah Lyne just create the eyebrows halo. After seeing the tail of a fish , and see how his eyebrows moved up and down, Lyne thought that it would be great that the tails of the fish are joined to each other, then the connected to have a halo on his forehead. This is the latest trend in eyebrow and truth because we don’t know what the hell to think.

Hannah Lyne is obsessed with makeup

Chica que inventó la tendencia de las cejas halo

This is not the first time that you are experiencing with your eyebrows

Chica con las cejas de manera ondulada

Already tested with a lot of different trends

Chica usando unas cejas dobles en su rostro

Including the eyebrows reverse

Chica usando las cejas de manera invertida

The lovely brow

Chica con corazones en las cejas

The maxicejas

Chica con unas cejas grandes

And, of course, the eyebrows triple

Chica con unas cejas que forman tres

Recently he came up with the idea of connecting the tail of your eyebrow on your forehead

Chica usando las cejas en forma de halo

And thus was born the eyebrow halo

Chica con las cejas delineadas en forma de halo

Maybe its the next trend to be the eyebrows of cartoon

Chica con las cejas delineadas como si fueran caricatura