Police Lithuanian sorpenden with tulips on the day of the woman; the reactions of them say it all!

During the last four years in the International Women’s Day, the police of Lithuania stopped the cars of the drivers for a nice reason: instead of them a fine, give them flowers to commemorate the occasion. Although the gesture has gone viral, the Internet has mixed feelings about it.

While some people think that it is a simple gesture of kindness and recognition to the struggle of the female, others accuse officers of being “sexist and macho”. However, these flowers managed to bring a smile to the women on a grey day.

The International Women’s Day is commemorated in different ways

Policia regalando flores a una mujer

It all depends on the culture of each country

Policía entregándole una flor a una chica

In Lithuania the police took to the streets to deliver gifts

Policías regalando tulipanes

Left his notebook to write fines

Policía regalando tulipanes rojos

And filled his hands with bouquets of tulips

chica dentro de un carro amarillo

Dressed in uniform, stopped the car

chica sonriendo dentro de su automovil

Asking women that lower the window and give them a flower

Policía entregando flores a las contudtoras

Getting a smile as a response

Policías regalando flores a las conductoras

The gesture has been viralizado on the Internet

chico entregando flores

But not all of them are acceptable

policía deteniendo un automóvil

For some people, this is an act that is “sexist”

chicos sonriendo a la cámara

That should not be celebrated

policías sonriendo para una selfie

But for others it’s a recognition of the feminine force

hombre usando un chaleco de color verde