We found Nick Jonas playing his favorite sport, and now we are big fans of the baseball

Celebrities, like the rest of the people, also enjoy a lot when it comes to sports. Although some prefer to spend thousands of dollars on seats to see their athletes in action defending a ball, itself as what makes Kendall Jenner, others choose to practice it as a hobby to keep a more healthy life.

But let’s talk about Nick Jonas. The guy loves baseball and not only likes to go to see your favorite team in the stadium, sit for hours and enjoy the show… also practiced, and in what way. Nick plays in all positions, without any preference. Their movements, when it is your turn at bat, deslumbrarían to anyone and when it comes to catching the ball is unique.

The first in the order in turn at-bat: Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas jugando beisbol

Are you ready to hit the ball, Nick? Yes

Nick Jonas jugando beisbol con su familia

The ball leaves the stadium, and Nick runs sensually along the line of bases

Nick Jonas corriendo mientras juega un partido de beisbol

There was not a safe, so it’s time to adjust the glove

Nick Jonas jugando beisbol mientras sujeta un guante

Nick makes no distinction between the positions, but perhaps the best is when you back is turned

Nick Jonas parado de espaldas mientras juega beisbol

Nick is the best pitcher that there is, right?

Nick Jonas jugando beisbol

Just look at how he moves his arms doing signs, yes those huge arms

Nick Jonas jugando beisbol

Oh yes, to see Nick Jonas on the field of play is a pleasure of the gods

Nick Jonas levantando los brazos después de jugar beisbol