The chemicals you use to clean cause as much damage as smoking; the science recommends the use of face mask

For many people, cleaning your home becomes sometimes in a terrible obsession. Some people are looking for your house to look always spotless, with a scent of exaggeration of disinfectant and with all of the objects accommodated in a specific place, as if it were a kind of museum of the order. But there are also those who think a thousand times before deciding to even make the bed.

Fortunately for those who don’t like to take the broom or the mop to shake the dust off, there is a benefit: do not clean the makes to have a healthier life. According to researchers from the University of Bergen, in Norway, cleaning the house can be as harmful to health as smoking.

Forget the excuses-from today it is forbidden to clean the house

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Studies published in the journal Journal of Family Psychology suggest that, for both men and women, perform the tasks in the home after work makes the body produce more stress hormones and cortisol, which causes the body to feel anxious, when I should be relaxing after a long day of work.

The cleaning is harmful to the body

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The cleaning of the home can make the people submit to the exposure of different chemicals that can have harmful effects on the respiratory system. It is for this reason that the people who engage in domestic cleaning or have an obsession over it have a greater risk of suffering asthma or lung problems.

Aerosol products are the main causes of the damage

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The small particles of the aerosols can stay in the air for hours after cleaning, and can travel deep into the lungs and cause infections or accelerate the aging of the body, as does tobacco.

The researchers came to the conclusion that it is as harmful as tobacco

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The research had the objective of analyze the effects of the cleaning involved long-term decline in lung function and airway obstruction, because no previous study had focused on evaluating the health consequences when exposed to that type of chemical.

After researching two thousand persons who were carrying out the household chores on a daily basis or sporadically, and observe the state of your lungs after 20 years, came to the conclusion that the housemaids had damage to their lungs as a person who smoked 20 cigarettes a day over those same 20 years.

But eye, you must not stop cleaning, just be more careful

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The advice of the researchers is not to stop the cleaning from the side, because it will always be necessary to live in a space toilet, but must use a mask or face mask to avoid inhaling the toxic substances and chemicals given off by some cleaning products.