20 Illustrators imagine how they would shine your favorite cartoons in a human form

The magic of cartoons is that the characters can be what the creator wants them to be. Although most are based on animals, there are also robots, cars, aliens and sponges yellow. But what happens if we want to see our favorite cartoons turned into human?

Oh the possibilities of a face would be endless! Fortunately there are some artists who also have thought and have created a new version of their favorite cartoon like people. The traits of the new faces of the cartoons have been made from their unique personalities and the result is great. These are the 20 cartoons re-imagined in a human form.

1. The Animaniacs

Caricaturas de los animaniax si fueran humanos

2. Lola Bunny of Looney Tunes

Caricatura de lola Bonny si fuera humana

3. Sponge Bob and Patrick Star of Sponge Bob square pants

Caricaturas de bob esponja y patricio estrella si gueran humanos

4. Gumball and Darwin from The amazing world of Gumball

Caricatra de cartoon network si fueran humana

5. Bubble The Powerpuff Girls

Caricatura de las chicas superpoderosas si fuera humana

6. Mayor Leodore Lionheart and Dawn Bell Wether of Zootopia

Caricatura de zootopia si fuera humano

7. Agent Perry from Phineas and Ferb

Caricatura de Perry el hornitorringo si fuera humano

8. Pikachu, of Pokemón

Así luciría pikachú si fuera humano

9. Penguins of Madagascar

Caricaturas de los pinguinos de madagascar si fueran humanos

10. Simba and Scar from The Lion King

Caricatura del rey león humanizada

11. Minnie Mouse

Caricatura de Minnie mouse humanizada

12. Apple Bloom from My Little Pony

Caricatura de rosita fresita humanizada

13. Olaf from Frozen

Caricatura de Olaf humanizada

14. The hyenas from The Lion King

Caricatura de las hienas de el rey león humanizada

15. Timon and Pumba of The Lion King

Caricatura de timóny pumba humanizada

16. Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony

Cricatura de My little pony humanizada

17. Judy and Nick’s Zootopia

Caricatura de judy y Nick humanizadas

18. Wall-e and Eve from Wall-e

Caricatura de Walle y Eva en su forma humana

19. Pinki of My Little Pony

Caricatura de My little pony humanizada

20. Lady and the tramp

Caricatura de la la dama y el vagabundo como humanos