Dog barking, biting? Protect yourself from a bite!

Dogs, due to their nature, bite when they feel attacked, afraid or educated to be aggressive. The signs that a dog is going to attack are varied, but in almost all races they emphasize that the hair of the back (rump) bristles, they look directly at the eyes while they growl and they show the denture, the tail becomes stiff And his body leans forward.

If you do not relate much with dogs and suddenly you come across a front that starts to bark at you, it is likely that you think that it is going to attack you and make you nervous, then the can anger more and may actually attack you. Here are some recommendations for you to know how to protect yourself and in your case, prevent a dog from biting you.

1. Keep Calm

Avoid shouting, shaking hands, let alone running away; Stand still as if you were a tree, stick your arms to the body and do not look the dog in the eyes, will generally continue to bark but will lower the intensity and back.

2. Slow down

When you exercise running or jogging and a dog crosses your path, lower your speed of movement, slowly turn in another direction and follow your step watching him from the corner of the eye; So you will cease to look like an attractive prey.

3. Distrááelo

If the dog continues to threaten you, take it away with something you can chew, such as your backpack or a bottle of water, anything but your arm or leg; Throw the object away from you, the dog will probably chase you and you can retire.

4. Become a little ball

If the dog leans over you, become a ball completely, bend your knees, cross your hands at the back of the neck and stay still. The dog has to know that you are not going to hurt him at any time.

5. Move away slowly

The moment the dog loses interest in biting you, move away with slow movements and without shouting.