This Cool Dog Is Ruling The Internet For Its Awesome Outfits

Cats may rule the Internet, but there’s a special place in the heart of internet for the man’s best friend too (DOG). 

However, while some of the most popular pets reign supreme on the Twitter or Instagram, Crusoe has taken over FB, and .

Let’s take a look at the Crusoe (dog) with cool canine attitude.

Crusoe is a 7-year-old Dachshund breed dog.

He is winning hearts of millions of people around the world due to his adorable outfits and supper cool canine attitude.

Can you believe that all his outfits are hand-made?

Ryan Beauchesne, of Ottawa, Canada, the owner of Crusoe, made all these outfits by hand.

Mr. Beauchesne is a web developer and online market expert.

Ryan often receives help for costume ideas from his girlfriend Laurence Dionne.

Laurence said, “The website started as a bit of fun, but it’s really taken off the internet. We decided to pursue it and see what we could make of it.”

The dog has collected over massive followers on Instagram.

Not only Instagram, Crusoe has also more than 12 lakh likes on his Facebook page. Just like any celebrity, no?

The Champion!

Along with winning the hearts of millions of people, Crusoe has also won various awards including, Montreal Dachshund race in 2012, Dog & Toy Photo contest by Life & Dog magazine in 2011, Best Costume at the 4th Annual Wiener Dog event in Montreal and many more.

“Crusoe enjoys his dressing up adventures,” said Ryan.

“Crusoe definitely doesn’t mind dressing up. Since he was a puppy, he’s been wearing the jackets and the coats for the cold. Since I started the blog, dressing up and doing photo shoots has become second nature for the dog,” he continued.

Crusoe sometimes shares the spotlight with a few of his dachshund friends…

… or dachshund girlfriends. It’s just Awww inspiring.

The most laid back dachshund you’ll meet.

Ryan said,”Honestly, he’s super cooperative and easy to handle, he really doesn’t mind, he’s probably the most laid back dachshund you’ll meet.”

And here’s the master of his creation.

Wish you continue clicking his ‘pawtographs’ and keep sharing it with us.

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