Photo of Victoria’s Secret caused controversy for its alleged excessive use of Photoshop

Photo of Victoria's Secret caused controversy for its alleged excessive use of Photoshop

Will exaggeration of Instagram users, or a real Photoshop fail? An image of Martha Hunt models and Stella Maxwell in the account on that social network of Victoria’s Secret began alarms for alleged brand new fall about it.

This is the picture presented below:

The center of the dispute is on the right arm of model Martha Hunt, who is on the left.

Users describe as excessively thin arm and a strange white “glow”, which betray the photo correction tool.

Another strange point for those commenting photography is the stomach of the same model, which they say is tilted in a strange way.

Finally, Martha’s elbow, which the left arm looks Stella was also the focus of critics who reviewed the image on the internet.

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Look at some of the comments that brought the image:Screenshot 08.09.2016 at 16.12.49 pm

“Seriously I do not see what happens to your arm and I am designer and photographer”.

Screenshot 08.09.2016 at 12.17.07 pm

“Oof! It’s a terrible job of photoshop, look at those arms! “.

Screenshot 08.09.2016 at 17.12.30 pm

“Obviously Hunt photographed another picture of this in particular. 1. Your abdominals and obliques (in the stomach area) are not aligned correctly. 2. His arms are disproportionate. Victoria Secret we know that can do a better job of photoshop it “.

Screenshot 08.09.2016 at 17.12.40 pm

“How’s this up? hahaha good photoshop. ”

Screenshot 09.08.2016 at 12.17.57 pm

“Strange photoshop, look at her left arm lol”.

Screenshot 08.09.2016 at 18.12.02 pm

“Lol is not photoshop fail. It is fail the pose (the model) “.

Screenshot 09.08.2016 at 18.12.20 pm

“It looks like the arm of a pre-teen. Let #victoriassecret for trying to make us feel bad about ourselves.It’s good to see someone criticize, yes. ”

Screenshot 08.09.2016 at 12.18.42 pm

“When your graphic designer is drunk.”

It is not the first time that Victoria’s Secret is involved in a controversy over his use of Photoshop  were also criticized for taking a buttock to a model.