People who love to see “bad” movies are smarter. Says a study

People who love to see "bad" movies are smarter. Says a study

If you are someone who secretly love nefarious films could be that an indication to tell you something important about your level of intelligence . Fear not accept you saw the  movie  Sharknado , a silly tape in which a tornado rises sharks and spreads Los Angeles. In fact, you should proudly boast that you saw 1 to 4.

A study published in the journal  Poetics  showed that people who love silly movies really are smarter than the rest.


In it it was found that most people who are bad and sleazy movies, are those with a high level of intelligence, paradoxically by the fact that sometimes is disturbing tapes.


This type of films low budget,  Sharknado  for example, are the exact opposite of the big hits at thebox office of Hollywood. However, the disappointing films, with poor performance and nonsense sequence , have a great acceptance among the public.


These “negative” attributes is what makes smart so well accepted, according to the study people.

 But it is not a matter of love, price and valuation, but is rather a vision of irony, criticism and hatred while watching. L to accept and come to ” dismember ” and analyze each of the scenes to find theerrors , what is wrong and what makes it so despicable.


Most cinema lovers seem to be well educated, who are in bad movies not only fun and entertaining, but it is as if a pause cinema who recognize that good quality were met.


In other words, intelligent and moviegoers, low-budget movies means to be part of the joke.

If you need recommendations to reaffirm your intelligence this weekend, the films most ironically views are those of low – budget horror. In addition to the flying sharks, you can look at you ” Plan 9 from Outer Space ” or “The Toxic Avenger “.

What silly movie you enjoyed? Say it quietly, remember that it is a sign of your intelligence. It’s like when you say: “It’s so bad it turned out to be good”.