People thought that this cat was “very ugly” to find a home. Nobody wanted to adopt

People thought that this cat was "very ugly" to find a home. Nobody wanted to adopt

This special kitty is called Romeo and was born with a feature that differentiates it from others, as it has the classic appearance of a normal cat. This cat came into the world with a deformity that makes it unique in the world of cats, but lamentably so he did suffer enough in their first months of life, and that was the reason why it was not adopted by a family.

All Romeo brothers had found a home, but him and so, this kitten was walking alone through the streets of Spain and all ignored him. But fortunately, a day walking around the place he saw Laura Llácer, director and co- founder of the Sanctuary Compassion Anima l, who could not ignore Romeo.

Compassion Animal Sanctuary

When Laura asked about this kitten, people he commented that all his brothers had found a home, save it as it was ‘very ugly’ to be adopted.

She says she was very surprised that people did not realize that it was not an ugly animal, but a very special cat. He was so touched by the fact that I had to face the world because of its appearance he decided to do something for him and took him to his workplace.

So Romeo came to the Sanctuary Animal Compassion and found a new home.

Now, you are never alone because it is surrounded by cows, ducks, turkeys and rabbits bear.

Compassion Animal Sanctuary

Laura tells The Dodo Romeo is a very affectionate animal behaves differently from other cats. She says that her behavior has something lovely that makes it unique.

Compassion Animal Sanctuary

Thanks to Laura, the love Romeo no longer are never more alone and not be discriminated against because of their appearance.

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This mysterious piece of aluminum could prove that UFOs visited Earth 250,000 years ago

By Josefina Pizarro

UFOs  have always caught my attention. I mean, we can not be alone in this great and infinite universe, there must be something beyond outside. I think we have to ask another question, are we really prepared to meet beings from another planet? Himself Stephen Hawking says no, that in fact they have more technology, could break us as happened to the settlers and Indians .  Well, scientists say that aliens not only visited Earth 250,000 years ago, let us a small gift: a mysterious piece of aluminum. What is it for? Where does? Many questions that may never have a clear answer.

A piece of aluminum that seems to be “handmade” is being hailed as irrefutable evidence of 250,000 years that some foreign land once visited.

The discovery of the mysterious piece of metal was in 1973 at the hands of a communist Romania in 1973 was not made public at that time, according to CEN.


Tests have revealed that the object is made of 12 metal, which is 90% aluminum and has 250,000 thousand years old.


The initial results were confirmed later in the laboratories of Lausanne and Switzerland, reports CEN.

Aluminum metal really is not produced by mankind until about 200 years s, so the discovery is really a sensational discovery.


And frightening. Very scary.

The object measured 20 centimeters long, 12.5 centimeters wide and 7 centimeters thick. Small but powerful.


What confuses experts is that the metal piece has concavities that make it look as if he were made as part of a more complex mechanical system.

For now there is a heated debate as to whether the object is actually a UFO and if the overwhelming evidence of an extraterrestrial visitation in the past.

What do you think?