Painless way to lose virginity.

Painless way to lose virginity. All they are doing
Although intimacy between couples is one of the most enjoyable things, there are still many myths about virginity that the vast majority of teenagers continue to believe.
According to various surveys of young people of different ages, it was demonstrated that the greatest fear 94% of women is to feel pain during that famous first time, however, and for your information, there are several tricks that you can apply to lose your virginity is not at all painful Want to know what it is?
First of all remember that the vagina is a moldable cavity and why sex “hurts” is because during entry of the penis, a thin membrane called the hymen is broken and may cause some pain and bleeding, something completely Normal, because imagine, something strange and great is entering for the first time to your body, but quiet, as one of the most effective ways to prevent pain take over your body is to ask your guy to begin by fingers. Yes, you read right, ask your partner before you enter you as they should, start by entering your fingers to your vagina (ensure only that are thoroughly cleaned), as this will help your party begins to lubricate and adjust to the introduction of something alien.
Perform this three or four times before penetration with the Member and now, forget the pain and welcome pleasure.
It is important that before the penetration of completely excited you find the entrance to the penis is facilitated and does not cause any pain. Do not hold back, act responsibly and enjoy your sexuality to the fullest, you deserve it.
Remember, you are the sole owner of your body, do not let anyone decide for you and press you to do something you do not want.