Orlando Bloom opened his Instagram account and the first to celebrate to everyone’s surprise … it was your ex!

Orlando Bloom opened his Instagram account and the first to celebrate to everyone's surprise ... it was your ex!

Sometimes we spent hours watching the snapchats of a famous, his Instagram or Facebook videos. It is a way we spend free time and believe that we are a little closer to the fabulous life they have or holiday in idyllic beaches and Ibiza. But some deprive us of the privilege and close their accounts so that nobody I can see. Too bad for you, we are only a few fans innocent.

Well, Orlando Bloom reconsidered and decided that his Instagram would no longer be private. Yuhu !. A stunning follow Bloom. Just look at this. Totally unnecessary Orlando, totally.

You might think that the first to comment the change would be exactly his girlfriend Katy Perry, but the truth is that it was totally the opposite. One of the first post he received after having opened their photos for all the world to see was his ex, model Miranda Kerr.


“Miranda Kerr: Good one”

They were married for three years, but rumors that Miranda was deceiving the beautiful Orlando with none other than Justin Bieber (!? Is that Bieber has to be at all ?!), they caused their separation. So beautiful couple faces perfect ended their relationship.

Hello com
Hello com

But they have never stopped speaking and comment on Instagram Kerr is living proof of it.

I do not know but I liked how both looked. Katy Perry I like him, but Bloom and Kerr were very cute together.

What do you think?