Now Facebook Lets You Decide The Owner Of Your Account After You Die

In the past Facebook didn’t allowed or gave the permissions or different options for the user who died; Facebook would just freeze their page.

Now, Facebook gives several different options to let you decide what to do with your Facebook account, in case if you die. Now you can even add a “Legacy Contact” which will be given the permission to change the profile and cover pic of deceased’s account.

Let’s have a look at this feature and see how you could add a “Legacy Contact” for your Facebook account.

Let’s start


You could even have your account deleted, if you want.f30iubc4yzahnu0zf24c

Or add a “Legacy Contact”



They will also be allowed to download the archives of all the photos you ever uploaded on Facebook.


Don’t worry, “Legacy Contact” can’t read your messages.


What are you waiting for? Do it now.


Isn’t it an awesome feature.

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