No one believes that this woman’s butt is real … but it is

No one believes that this woman's butt is real ... but it is

Liza Parker , a girl from Ontario, decided to publish a particular selfie on your Instagram account to celebrate had finally completed one year following the popular Kayla Itsines . Liza What was not expected was that Kayla, impressed with his progress, herself reposteara the image in its own Instagram account.

“@ljadeparker Has been following my program for a year. Look, just tell him … we’re all thinking the same thing … … Liza protector your phone is very cute “

Although clearly, Kayla was joking to say the obvious: that his program had helped Liza to obtain highly trained buttocks ?.

Parker told Cosmopolitan that in the past had suffered from many insecurities about her figure, eating little and exercising a lot. However, after making 3 rounds 12 – week program Kayla, and increase the weights used on each occasion, his perception changed.

His physical progress had been so notorious that Liza decided tostop weighing yourself. By gaining muscle mass had increased weight, but had also gained more definition.

With his picture on Kayla’s account, the girl became the focus of the fitness community Instagram for a couple of days, something besides many followers and motivation also brought negative comments.Several people claimed, disbelieving, he had altered his image or had undergone plastic surgery. No progress was possible was natural.

Liza was blunt in answering:

“I tried to emphasize everything that had changed over the shorts and pose I used because I feel proud. But that does not change the fact that I have come a long way .”

Determined not to allow complete strangers he removed the joy he felt with his success, Liza recorded a video in which perches at different angles with a fairly normal light to show that indeed, your back is completely natural.

The publication has been reproduced more than 90,000 times and counting, something that shows the desire to have the public Instagram follow people who can show all angles and be real rather than publish only those photos which look better.

Personally, I like the fact that more and more people decide to live a healthier life and set goals in the fitness area. Just do not forget that the negative comments do not lead anywhere and to love our body from the beginning (even if there are things we would like to change) is key.

How about? Are you agree that people accuse her of lying?