Mother and daughter become viral on Instagram: Discover why!

Laura Kasperzak, yoga instructor in New Jersey mother of two children, took these beautiful photographs practicing yoga beside his daughter Mini 4 years. It was not difficult to realize that small is a big fan, and internet not go unnoticed, because it already has 725,000 followers onInstagram .

Mother and daughter practicing yoga outdoors

The following inspiring photographs show that exercise can make a difference in life and in art.

Mother and daughter with one foot on the head (yoga)

Woman in front of his daughter on his hands stop

Mother and daughter practicing yoga on a mat

Woman on the side of a girl with feet up

 Mother and daughter leaning to one side

Daughter on the back of her mother giving a kiss

Yoga poses (a girl on her feet and her mother's stomach)

Yoga pose where a girl is under his mother

overdone mother on the floor on her hands and crouching girl trying to kiss

Different yoga poses between mother and daughter

girl on her mother's legs complementing a step back yoga

Mother and daughter dressed alike bowed giving a kiss

Girl on her mother's belly with a step back

Mother and daughter kissing at a step yoga

Woman on her hands and her daughter by lifting the right foot back

Mother and daughter posing a step yoga an ornate head over the other

Woman stretching her body back and his daughter sitting behind her

Step yoga woman head and her daughter sitting on her back

Girl under her mother practicing yoga

Mother and daughter in the same pose of yoga

Mother and daughter doing a split with side arms

Woman lying on the floor lifting his daughter

Mother and daughter making a pass yoga with feet up

woman back she is touching her feet and her daughter on her

Source:  Bored Panda