Modeling shoot dangerously close to the edge of skyscrapers in New York

Modeling shoot dangerously close to the edge of skyscrapers in New York

Japanese photographer Mar Shirasuna has created this series Beauty And NYC taking 50 photographs of models on the rooftops of the city.


He says he created the dynamic series in an attempt to reinvent the selfies that often occur in these places.


Sea rises each stunning images to your Instagram account, which has more than 79,000 followers


Mar had the idea of photographing the models against the New York skyline with the Empire State Building in the background after their fans kept asking for landscape shots to accompany


The idea behind the project beauty and New York came to Mar while she was looking for a new way to shoot the city.


Have published photos of New York in social media, sea fans started asking if they could come with him to experience the breathtaking views.


Sea has risen to 150 rooftops of New York in search of the perfect view, but it is determined that is not found even more


The brave models are shown in balance against the outside of the security fences


Even on the lips of roofs and some have even braved the snow in search of the perfect image.


Each image is loaded into the Sea of  Instagram  account, which has more than 79,000 followers.


Mar said: “Right now, we are living selfie epidemic, and when some of these people climbed to the roof, make critical thought of the danger in taking such pictures”.


In this capture a bold dynamic model poses in yoga position, balancing on the edge of the building with the Empire State Building in the background


“My goal for this project was to reinvent the auto photo recreate it and make it more beautiful and more creative.