Meet The Prettiest Volleyball Player In The World

Volleyball is 5th most popular sport in the world and seeing its immense popularity, a question on the reason behind it can strike your mind. The game and its rules are interesting and so are the international players.

Specifically, women’s volleyball has interested legions of fans and made some players big celebrities. Likewise, it cannot be denied that some female volleyball players are absolutely beautiful.

In fact, we’ve just found the most beautiful of them all. Read on!

Meet Alice Manyonok

Have you already fallen in love with her?

She’s a fantastic volleyball player

After all, she has a slender figure that works well for a volleyball player. Not to say that it has anything to do with skills as many players who are not skinny have made their mark in the game.

In addition, Alice Manyonok is a model.

With a gorgeous face like that, why wouldn’t you want to get paid for having one?

During the 2016 Supermodel International competition, she won first place.

This was an international beauty pageant and she managed to beat everyone else!

Alice Manyonok also won as Miss Photogenic at the same pageant.

This woman does not settle for less.

A lot of people think she’s a real Barbie.


I think that they have good reason to believe that.

This is her sensual shot as she flaunts her slender legs.

Her gaze is truly mesmerizing.

She’s lovelier when she smiles.

I love how her large white shirt makes her look sexier than ever.

This guy is lucky to have been touched by her.

Her smokey eyes are quite attractive.

She already has a lot of fans

I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to have a photo with her.

Here’s Alice Manyonok as a car show model.

She probably has a stronger body than other guys.

Finally, take a look at Alice Manyonok in a tight, red dress.

Let’s hope she continues being a formidable volleyball player while also staying as beautiful as ever.