Meet the first angel of Victoria’s Secret knurled without Photoshop retouching

In a world full of ridiculous beauty standards and many celebrities that promote the charm of plastic surgery and makeup, it has become more difficult to define the stereotype of “beautiful woman”. Maybe that’s why, now more than ever, we celebrate those small but important moments in the advertising industry commitment to new standards of beauty in society.

In the past, women ‘s lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret  has been tried, even among his followers, for alleged abuse of tinkering with Photoshop to models of their campaigns. But today the mark claimed showing the first angel unretouched and celebrating the imperfection of stretch marks on the recognized model Jasmine Tookes.

A celebration of the natural beauty of women

brunette woman in lingerie with striations

In the picture, the model 24 carries the Bright Night Fantasy Bra , a spectacular bra that has been valued at 3 million dollars and it looks divine … next to a few stretch marks that the lingerie company decided not erase its final edition.

The first “Angel” knurled

brunette woman in lingerie with striations

Jasmine Tookes, 24, was officially named in 2016 “Angel” brand of lingerie. At one year, the model will be the next star on the famous walkway of  Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 .

Goodbye to stereotypes

brunette woman in lingerie with striations

With this decision, it is possible that the lingerie company say goodbye forever to stereotypes and impose a trend where tinkering with Photoshop thing of the past.