Meet the artists who transform the world’s beaches in golf balls

Meet the artists who transform the world's beaches in golf balls

On the beaches of Australia, Thailand and other regions of the Indo-Pacific you can find strange patterns composed by small balls of sand multiply along the coast. They seem to be the work of an artist but the manager is a small crab in seconds sand grains takes her mouth and then transforms them into these balls.

In an amazing video taken from a beach in Koh Lanta, Thailand can appreciate the meticulous but quick work makes this crustacean centimeters only . His work is so fast that several crabs can cover an entire beach in a couple of hours and in the end seem true works of art.

Its scientific name is Scopimera inflata and translation of its name in English would be something likebubbling sand crab ( sand bubbler crab ). They are experts in digging sand crabs because it is there where they get their food. They are filtering microscopic organisms sand and then thrown away the sand thrown away into pellets with their paws . His work begins when the tide is low and go digging all the sand of the entire area near its burrow.

In this video for example you can see these crabs in action on a beach in Malaysia.

Males also possess not only the art of making pellets. They also perform a fun dance to show their dominance over territory. They stretch their legs and raise their pincers as a kind of flamenco put yourself in a position of attack.


Have you ever seen these crabs in action?