Meet Alex Watson, the handsome and sexy brother of actress Emma Watson that will steal your heart

Emma Watson is one of the most sought after actresses and one of the most beautiful and elegant women of the big screen. The actress, who also has a degree in English Literature and Ambassador of Good Will at the UN women, is not the only one with perfect genetic in her family, she has a brother who is the most beautiful person in the world.

Alex Watson is the younger brother of the actress, and has slowly been stealing attention from around the world, not only for the great physical resemblance to her sister, but so handsome and talented he is. If you do not think this guy is handsome, here we leave some pictures that will make you scream sister! Emma Watson.

1. Alex Watson is the little brother of Emma


2. Although little has nothing


3. Now it has become a gorgeous model


4. Brands such as Burberry have it on their list of favorite models


5. And of course, if it is perfect!


6. Of course, the resemblance to his sister is undeniable


7. Both have an enviable genetics