Look what is your best attribute as your sign

If you are a woman, surely you wonder what part of your body that is more attractive to others Is not that right? Your lips, your buttocks and your eyes have something special, but there is a particular part that according to your zodiac sign will highlight before most interested know? Read on …
According to experts, each sign has a body feature, which concentrates all its energy. Below we give you the information:
1. Aries – Your feet 
Reflects the way you walk your way to see the world and the passion that you spend all your movements.
2. Taurus – Your hair
Your hair is a powerful weapon that can mesmerize and enchant all the guys. Keep it well maintained It’s your best attribute!
3. Gemini – Your breasts
That pair of “twin daughters” that you carry in your chest, are your best attribute, so do not hesitate to show it. Do not be afraid to necklines, that magnetism having your breasts will impact everyone.
4. Cancer – Your mouth
Surely it happens to you that men can not stop watching your lips when you talk to them.The reason is very simple, your mouth focuses a lot of energy and best, is all that you can do with it.
5. Leo – Your eyes
Reflect your strength and sweetness, no man can resist that pair of bright pearls that illuminate your face. No doubt and no matter what color your eyes are your strongest weapon of seduction.
6. Virgo – Your Vagina 
You know you’re a very sexual and very intense woman, is why a lot of energy is concentrated in your vagina, then you have a power of attraction impressive Already you find out?
7. Libra – Your legs
Balanced and firm, your legs are your main attraction. So do not hesitate to show it, looks every centimeter of beautiful skin. All men will thank you.
8. Scorpio – Your buttocks
Like a scorpion tail you take all your power. If you were born under this zodiac sign, sure you’re a very attractive woman, then you have a back that looks stops …
9. Sagittarius – Your back
Elegant and imposing, your back is as beautiful as your personality. Feel free to use an open neckline discover your beautiful back, all men will be impressed, because that part enhances your sexual energy.
10. Capricorn – Your hands
With those hands build, with those caressing hands. They focus all your energy and with them will be able to take whatever you want, including men.
11. Aquarius – Your belly 
You are a balanced and woman sure of yourself is why your belly concentrated much of your sexual energy. Regardless you have a little tummy, you never stop show off that belly button.
12. Pisces – Your neck
You are lucky! As one of the most sensitive areas of your body, it is concentrating more sexual energy. All men want to kiss you and love you. You have to let yourself be loved.