Look at these 10 famous moms with their daughters

Look at these 10 famous moms with their daughters

At this point, everybody knows That the People Who Have make it in Hollywood to be attractive. And since there’s only beautiful actors and musicians, it Makes Sense That Their children would inherit Those good looks too! There are so many famous moms daughters Who Have That look exactly like them. It’s crazy but they’re At this point Basically Twinning! Here are the stunning stars and Their look-alike daughters. Like mother, like daughter!

Lisa Bonet and her daughter, Zoë Kravitzscreen-shot-09/08/2016-at-8-24-57-pmscreen-shot-09/08/2016-at-8-25-05-pm

Lea Thompson and her daughter, Zoey Deutchscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-25-15-pmscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-25-24-pm

Reese Witherspoon and daughter Ava Phillippescreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-34-45-pmscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-34-51-pm

Christie Brinkley and her daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cookscreen-shot-09/08/2016-at-8-34-57-pmscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-35-03-pm

Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudsonscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-35-11-pmscreen-shot-09/08/2016-at-8-35-19-pm

Kris Jenner and her daughter, Kim Kardashianscreen-shot-09/08/2016-at-8-35-28-pmscreen-shot-09/08/2016-at-8-35-38-pm

Yolanda Foster and his daughter, Gigi Hadidscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-35-45-pmscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-35-57-pm

Meryl Streep and his daughters, Mamie and Grace Gummerscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-36-02-pmscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-36-10-pm

Susan Sarandon and her daughter, Eva Amurriscreen-shot-09/08/2016-at-8-36-16-pmscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-36-22-pm

Blythe Danner and her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrowscreen-shot-08/09/2016-at-8-36-27-pmscreen-shot-09/08/2016-at-8-36-35-pm