Lip matte or glossy? We explain what the ideal finish depending on the effect you want

Lip matte or glossy? We explain what the ideal finish depending on the effect you want

Lipsticks are an essential part of any woman ‘s vanity. But as there are so many options, it is not always easy to decide which is right: color, texture, finish … Today we help with a particular mystery:what is better? ¿Lip matte or glossy? The answer is both, depending on the effect you want.

We explain some of the features and effects of these different types of lip, so that you choose the right one for you:

Matte effect:

Close-up on a woman applying lipstick on her lips red straight from the bullet - makeup concepts

The finish of these lip is ideal for improving and completely elevate your look! Usually are long lasting so you do not have to be retocándotelo many times in the day. They are a good choice when you want to keep the color, and it  is accurate and sophisticated.

As for colors, pink or nude shades are perfect for any occasion, but if you want your lips turn into the protagonists, can opt for bright colors like deep red. 

A foolproof tip? When your lips wear makeup, worry about rehydrate before, because the matte effect immediately notice any dryness and will not achieve the perfect finish.

Glossy effect:

It’s easy and quick to apply, looks radiant, natural and if you need to tweak it with some frequency, is casual and very cool. This finish provides a moist and moisturizing effect on your lips so it is perfect to capture all eyes on a party night or night out.

On the other hand, s i you maquillas lot during the day, we recommend using a soft color not see as overdone.

This effect is perfect for women looking to generate more volume in their lips because its shiny texture creates an illusion of thick lips.

A foolproof tip? Do not opt for very strong colors or pigmented this effect, because they are more difficult to maintain ys and fade easily.

What option you stay you?


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