Letter to those who are afraid to be alone: ​​”If you learn to not be alone, you will never be happy”

Letter to those who are afraid to be alone: ​​"If you learn to not be alone, you will never be happy"

It is something that many would never live to be constantly on relationships, yu n state that many areafraid when they see that a relationship is not working when you think that everything was perfect.The loneliness is something we all know exists, it’s there, but few feel to feel it and see it’s not as bad as it seems.

Because loneliness is where each of us can know yourself; it is in this state where you manage toconnect with you and know who you are, to where you want to go and who to share the little time you have left for you in the hectic life we carry daily.

But why be with someone you’re not doing happy just for the sake of saying “I’m with someone” instead of saying, “I am myself, and I love it.” No sounds better?

For it is in this state where you can be aware of who you are, and knowing what you want before making the decision to be with someone again.

Gurrola Fabiola wrote this letter below to show you inspire hundreds of people who can not be alone, to give it a try and understand that being can only do amazing things for yourself.

“Since I started to draw the attention of men and had my first boyfriends, I became one of those girls that just can not be alone. I became addicted to that feeling of nerves and adrenaline you feel when you start dating a person.

 He felt he needed affection, attention and comfort that someone was there, so much so that I forgot how to be happy alone.

When there were only my soul and I was looking for someone else, always waiting for the next relationship or at least flirted to start something. I never gave me a real opportunity to enjoy my own company.

was not only unhealthy seek life, it was also pathetic. All girls who this situation they are familiar, listen: do what makes them happy.

Although it cost me work, I realized that happiness is not to be accompanied and less when that company makes you feel empty.

You can not find your happiness in the hands of another human being, and if you think this way only you poison your mind. You can not be truly happy in the company of someone else if you do not know how to be happy for you and for you. Is empower you discover is happiness.

I learned this lesson with the last break I had. For the first time I did not act like a fool.First I hesitated to let go of that relationship, but as time passed I realized I was not entirely happy at his side.

I stayed longer than I should, but I finally had the courage to leave. I experienced a wave of emotions I felt scared, sad, confused, but once the storm passes, reaches calm and everything continues.

When sadness away, I could see myself from a different perspective. Discover the beautiful, funny and friendly that I can be when I am my priority. And if that were not enough, I’m a good girlfriend! Who can not see, you do not deserve me.

Why I let someone else decide my happiness if I could do it myself? Today I feel good and happy because I know that happiness goes far beyond being with someone else.Now I take my time to do the things I like and be a better person every day, but also to open the eyes of other people who feel like one day I felt. “

What do you think about the letter?