Laughter is the best medicine … Myth or Reality? The science has much to say about it!

Laughter is the best medicine ... Myth or Reality? The science has much to say about it!

We’ve all heard the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine” but also, “Laughter abounds in the mouths of fools.” So what it is really beneficial laugh? Here are some facts that will motivate you to have a good sense of humor we show. All the benefit of our mental, physical and emotional health.

You’ll want to start laughing more often!

Strengthens the immune system

The stress of everyday life can affect the immune system, but laughter prevents this from happening and lowers the risk of infectious diseases and heart.

And it benefits the respiratory system


Laughter is an easy and healthy method that regulates breathing and oxygenates and purifies the lungs. When laugh can breathe deeper and improve respiratory health. It is so effective that there aretherapies laughter yoga , which recharges the body and control the mental state by the flow of your laughter, inducing calm and energy.

It reduces levels of anxiety and stress

This because it helps cancel negative emotions and makes us see the funny side in adverse situations. Laughter is also contagious so why not share it ?

Notes: laugh makes you more attractive


Studies show that a sense of humor makes you feel more comfortable to interact, ie, more natural.Therefore, people think that those who laugh more are more attractive.  Also, if samples sense of humor in a job interview, increase your chances of being hired . ?

And helps you connect with others

Laughter plays an important role in discussions of human beings, and also invites socializing among groups of individuals. Having a healthy sense of humor is good for self – esteem and this is reflected when interacting with family and friends.

And last but not least, reduces wrinkles


What? But if everyone says the opposite! The reality is that laughter contributes to good circulation.That coupled with the movements resulting in the facial muscles, help to tone the skin to keep it glowing.

Take thy that face of concern and begins to laugh! Is good for you.


Enjoy life and take care of your body it depends as natural things like laughing. It is in our nature to laugh: Mineral Water Cachantun , live out natural!