Know what is the best type of hairstyle according to your neck

There is a hairstyle for each type of cleavage. The most common is that we use interchangeably as both necklines hairstyles accompanying them, but if we reflect a little about this, we discover that there are hairstyles that favor certain styles.

To make life easier we have prepared this post, a simple guide on the look you should wear according to each type of neckline, so that in the most important events not miss even the smallest detail.

1. one-shoulder neckline

Rihanna wearing a side braid that highlights her cleavage.

Jessica Alba with a hairstyle side to balance her cleavage.

For these asymmetrical cuts that are so fashionable, it is best to use a braid or a pickup that can highlight the shoulder is exposed, that if you want a balance; but if you want to emphasize this asymmetry more, you can charge your hairstyle to covered shoulder.

2. Halter

Girl watching her look in the mirror.

Woman with halter dress party and a pickup in the hair.

The halter necklines never go out of fashion, they are carried seamlessly with collected. A chignon could be the choice, provided they are not too bulky. You can also opt for chignons or collected more casual with loose strands that make show off your shoulders.

3. Cleavage back

Woman modeling prom dress with backless.

If you choose a backless, ideally with wear it in a bun or a semi collected lopsided. If you do not want to wear her hair pulled it is best to choose another type of cleavage.

4. draping neckline

draping neckline and a tousled bun.

No matter whether draping necklines are subtle or very pronounced, also get along well with those collected and should not be perfect: remember that the unkempt is what is fashionable.

5. strapless neckline

Strapless neckline and hair to one side.

Strapless neckline on a red carpet.

A necklines for dresses that cover the bust of women without wearing braces are known as Word of honor. The legend says that a dressmaker, to make a dress for a bride, she puts it strapless or anything that sujetase. The bride was worried because her dress would fall, so he asked, “are you sure you will not fall”, to which the dressmaker replied, “word of honor that you will not fall”; hence the name. Meanwhile, the best hairstyle for this type of necklines hair is loose side, to break with the straight lines of cleavage or a hairstyle medium height. Nothing too collected hairstyles.

6. V-neckline

Actress neckline and loose hair to one side.

Girl looks loose hair and cleavage.

Here hairstyle will go based on your desires; if you want to achieve is to highlight your cleavage, then you should opt for an up style; but if you want to take some role, ideally you bring loose hair with some waves.

7. Cleavage boat

Boat neckline girl wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Girl with a boat neckline type.

As this is an invitation neckline to show off the shoulders and clavicles, use hair loose destroys its main charm. If you have short hair, uncombed can take the option; otherwise, opt for an updo would be the best thing to do to show off your cleavage.

8. round and closed Cleavage

Scarlett Johanson with round neck dress and hair pulled.

Actress with a side braid.

It is one of the most common, and the good news is that it is one of the most versatile necklines.The same can be worn with loose hair, collected low, high chignons, side braids …