Kendall Jenner wore a shirt and got a million likes on Instagram as if nothing

Kendall Jenner wore a shirt and got a million likes on Instagram as if nothing

That is again the Kardashian / Jenner. This time it is the turn of Kendall, the sister who took the road of fashion and has worn more than anyone among models from the catwalks, however is social networks which makes us want to have just a little exuding style to get * maybe * more than 10 likes.Because her with a black shirt, managed to have more than one million likes in less than a day.

Kendall Jenner is the name of the young supermodel gave some days ago to talk to her photo shoot inspired by ballet dancers.

And now, the 20 year old got more than 1 million likes on Instagram using a boring black shirt.

Although probably it was the message of the shirt that says “I’m not a rapper.” Which made us lose the head.

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With a pair of high – waisted and shirt inside them, Kendall reminded us how easy and for a supermodel make literally the most boring outfit look great and also used to make a reference to the legendary rapper The Notorious BIG, writing “If you do not know, now you know.” part of the lyrics of his song titled Juicy .

Fortunately for us mortals, the shirt in question is for sale and you can also have it.

Cocoa Tee
Cocoa Tee

And you can get it for a little less than $ 20, here . To take all your irony also reminding the world what you are not.

However, not many of us can say that we are a style icon from such an early age.

So I would not tell you that you can get 1 million likes in less than one day, sorry.