Kendall Jenner photography explodes courage to all Internet and is heavily criticized

In recent weeks, Kendall Jenner has been embroiled in a wave of outrage in social networks due to a selfie that rose  DJ Neptune in your account Instagram and which was labeled.

The model and entrepreneur who rose to fame with the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians  was severely criticized and accused of ignorance because he wore a burka, which is part of the clothing worn by women in some Islamic countries.

The image caused widespread outrage in the networks, because many believe that this garment of Muslim origin is a clear example of gender violence.

In a research that analyzed in detail the image, evidence that the photograph was manipulated, as found  The Sun . The shadows in both figures do not match, and the right ear of Neptune is integrated into the burka, where it is assumed that would be the opposite of Kendall.

Moreover, it has been some time since the last time Kendall Jenner was in the United Arab Emirates, and on that occasion he did accompanied by Gigi Hadid. To date, the model has not confirmed or issued any statement, so we’ll wait until she Dj Neptune or disprove the rumor.